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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> the smartest person i have ever met. he was a raging genius. >> the dangerous called settling in. we are in first alert mode with what you need to know to stay safe.>> see what is happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. >> new tonight, plunging temperatures mean that we are and first alert mode.
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digits, this kind of cold is not something to take lightly. that is why we are starting here it in the first alert storm center. we are talking about some dangerous cold here, what kind of damage can this do? liz: certainly damage to any plans that are out there. most of those probably not surviving the winter, pets good be in danger if they are left out overnight. also problems with heights overnight as some areas go down to the single digits. if your pipes are's -- are sensitive, keep them dripping. 20, roanoke. upper 20's, the farther south you go. wind chill still even colder, 14 in oxford. 19, roxboro. 16, chapel hill. fayetteville, 18. temperatures are going to continue to drop in with that, the wind chills will continue to drop, as well. 16 by the time we get to 3:00 or 4:00, many of us will bottom out
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finally rising again, and some areas may hit nine or eight before it is all said and done. first alert predictor shows wind chill's will likely feel more like eight or nine degrees, around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. a slight warm-up by 10:00, but not all that great. by lunchtime, it could still feel like it is in the upper teens for many. also tracking a big winter system that will, monday. we will let you know how much we can get and if it will be snow, sleet, or freezing rain, all of the details straight ahead. heather: with a deep freeze upon us, and winter weather not far behind, stay close to the first alert weather app. it will alert you to the winter watches and warnings, plus get the hour-by-hour forecast for your hometown. to a story we have been following all night here, in the breaking news center, the sudden death of super court justice scalia. tonight, condolences pouring and on social media. ted cruz calling scalia an american hero. bernie sanders sharing his
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former president george w. bush. president obama offering his condolences, as well, and promising to nominate a successor in due time. a look at the supreme court shows that the american flag is flying at half staff tonight. a waiting tribute to an
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judicial sext president. new tonight, a raleigh attorney and family friend of justice scalia reflects on his passing. elaina athans is live outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center with unique insight into the man behind the bench. elaina: he was a frequent visitor of our state and vacationed on the coast, usually renting a home in oriental and went hunting in the mountains, often going out shooting with this raleigh attorney. >> clearly, the smartest person i've ever known. he was a raging genius. and yet, what was so great about hunting with him was that behind that amazing intellect and all of that power was an everyday person. elaina: josh howard had been friends of justice scalia for more than a decade, going on several hunting trips together. howard says that for as long as he can remember, he has admired
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>> he was a personal friend and an american hero. today is tough for me on both points. but, he deserves to be remembered in the right light, which is as a person who put his beliefs in the constitution ahead of himself. elaina: howard feels it would be a while before scalia successor is named. >> it takes time to digest that record and understand this person that you are about to put on the bench in some cases for 30 or more years. it is a lifetime appointment, you cannot take it back. there's just not enough time between that and really the primaries and the general election. to get a national consensus on a pick. elaina: howard is a former freddie will prosecutor, and he also said that justice scalia left mentoring students and law school. he visited duke back in 2009 and stopped at unc and just a few
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carolina bar association. live in raleigh news center, elaina athans, abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: he leaves behind quite a legacy. a 72-year-old woman is into class but tonight recovering from a drive-by shooting that she never expected. and never saw coming. forster street, off of dearborn drive is where it all went down friday night. melanie holloway was watching tv with her mother, dorothy, when gunfire arrested outside. melanie says that at first, nothing registered, you can see where the bullets blew out the window panel on the front door. dorothy is making progress, but remains in critical condition. her daughter made this plea for peace and answers. >> just please, stop the violence. please stop the shooting. and the killing. and hurting innocent people for no reason at all. if anybody knows anything, can you please step forward. heather: melanie and another
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at the time, but they were not hurt. the term county sheriff's office says that the home was targeted. developing tonight, a johnston county man accused of shooting his girlfriend son in the face and stomach. timothy driver is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. police say that he shot 33 euros brandon during an argument overnight. it happened in the 900 block of east to join her street. he had surgery today, doctors expect them to make a full recovery. new tonight, fire destroys a family's mobile home in clayton. eyewitness news was there as firefighters battled the flames around noon on glenmore road. nobody was hurt in this, neighbors say that this is the second time in a month that fire broke out here. investigators are working to figure out the cause. a mass movement today in raleigh, thousands crowding fayetteville street for the annual hkon j march. north carolina voter id laws
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>> we believe that the north carolina voter suppression lies one of the most recounting in the country. and that, we as a faith, we need to stand up to both witness and to act. heather: speakers also talked about immigrant justice, women's rights, and other social justice issues. chris r jude -- critics argued that the marches and organizational tool for the left. organizers urged all eligible voters to show up on election day. a strong earthquake rattling oklahoma, the other states feeling the shake. and the pope on a mexican journey. his challenge to bishops in last, looking for love. the bald way that one single friend is trying to set up a and when you think about the gesture. but first, a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center, 23 degrees out there. we are seeing the coldest weather that we have seen all winter. and if you are going to be
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to make sure to bundle up, better tuesday home and cuddle up underneath the covers, maybe with your valentine on the sun-times day weekend. we have some are winter weather on the way, we will talk about that on the other side of the break. first, here's another look at tonight's powerball numbers. 7, 15, 36, 18, 19, and the powerball is 20.
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>> abc 11, keeping you connected, find us on facebook and like our page and click, get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. heather: new tonight, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes northwestern oklahoma and the
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other states. the u.s. geological survey says that it is the third strong is earthquake ever recorded in the states. as far away as nebraska and new mexico notice the troubling this morning. so far, there are no reports of any injuries or major damage. a 22-year-old man on probation is now considered the suspect responsible for shooting two police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. police say that calvin smith may officers go on a two mile chase this morning before firing at them with a rifle. a bullet grazed one officers had. the other was hit in the stomach , but his bullet-proof vest protected him. smith is on probation for a 2014 convictionder clouds and my wife
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heather: cross warming shelter after the accident. a challenge from pope francis to mexican bishops surrounding the war on drugs in that country. in a hard-hitting each in mexico city, the pontiff called on church leaders to fight what he calls an insidious threat posed by the drug trade. pope francis said that the catholic hierarchy must help mexicans escape the violence and corruption plaguing the nation. >> i urge you not to -- the moral and antisocial challenge with the drug trade represents for mexican society.
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heather: pope francis began his visit with a welcome ceremony at the national palace. he was greeted by mexico's president and first lady. during his five-day trip, he will be with mexican officials and or and ambassadors. and the spirit of valentine's day, here's is a story getting a lot of clicks on matt hills friends decided to help him find love by putting his face and phone number on a billboard. the six foot tall, 25-year-old works for a lawn and garden company in grand traverse county, michigan. the gesture came as a surprise, but matt says that he enjoys the attention. as you are looking for a long-distance relationship, you can head to as you are a good match. you never know. new tonight, a frigid dip to support a worthy cause. >> plunge.
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into those chilly waters of lake raleigh for the n.c. state polar plunge and fun run. it is a popular events raising money for the special olympics. this is the 11th year for the polar plunge where temperatures are as cold as they were today, it definitely lives up to the name. liz: that guy has the right idea. that is feel the way that i would be doing a polar plunge, and something warm like that. tonight could be actually the coldest night of the season. and the coldest that we have seen since last february. things are changing very quickly cured are already seeing temperatures head on down. we are also bull's-eye and are active weather days. we have the cold tonight, and early tomorrow morning, and then we shift our focus to monday. that will be another active weather day. the reason we could have the potential for some winter weather around here, national weather service has issued a winter storm watch for the counties in blue, that includes wayne county all the weight up toward the virginia border and
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rain and on tuesday, the potential for quite a bit of rain, we will talk about that. let's shift focus back to the golden bridges. 23, raleigh. 19, roxboro. these temperatures will continue to fall as we go to the next year until about sunrise tomorrow morning. 26, fayetteville. i-5, goldsboro. 22, rocky mount wilson. even colder, 14 how it feels on the ground. 14, oxford. 10, roxboro. 17, raleigh. all of us are going to be very cold overnight. part of the reason why, we have clear skies, which contributes to cooler temperatures. in addition to that, we have the winds coming down from the northwest bring in a much colder, arctic air. most of the southeast is nice and clear and many people be clearing out not just as tonight. you have to go all way back up to the north and west for portions of north dakota and south dakota before he winter weather. a lot of snow happening here and pushing and were minneapolis and
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for here, no snow or precipitation overnight tonight. a different story as we go there tomorrow night. we'll be given with vertical temperatures, that we've been talking about that, 11 roxboro. 14, raleigh. 16, fayetteville. when you factor in the light winds that are blowing, it will make these temperatures feel even colder. yes, surrounding areas could actually dropped down into the single digits, 9-10 degrees. it will feel like 5-15 degrees and minis because of the added winds. limit your timeout doors and please bring any pets inside that are there tonight. make sure to leave any water dripping in any parts that could potentially freeze. michael's the morning, a few clouds to start. 17 by 8:00 a.m. 27 by noon. it could feel even: once again when you factor in the wind. by tomorrow afternoon, freezing for a high, 35 in fayetteville. upper 20's, northern sections. the normal high as 55.
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below when we should be at this time of year. and grace and class of the day will lead to a bit of precipitation overnight. all of that will happen as this zone of high pressure will push out to the east. sunday into monday. then, we watch as this zone of low pressure will approach is. it will pull and much milder air off the atlantic, so for those of you that love snow, this will not be a big snow event. art is a reason why, because of the warming we will see off of the atlantic ocean. you'll see a mixture of snow changing into sleet and freezing rain and finally rain. we are timing it out, by 9:30 p.m. tomorrow night, a few flurries toward our northern counties. the bulk of it moves and overnight. a stop at 3:30 a.m., very cold air, likely with snow starting to fall from northern covering county up toward the north and west. overnight, around 6:00 in the morning, it changes over for
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most of the models are showing between 1-2 inches of rain, especially in some of the heavy pockets you can see a few areas that pick up a little more than others. your valentine's day nights tomorrow night, will be a cold one. it will take heavy jackets, maybe something by a fireplace. 32, valentine's day. monday, 39. president's day, oblique and staff of the roads, it looks that it will be a little messy on the early side changing over to rain by tuesday and clearing up by the middle part of the week. warming possibly to the 60's for next saturday. heather: that will be a big difference. liz: a huge difference. heather: a wild finish inside. next in sports, you will see the buzzer beating shot lifting the duke.
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about>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> he turned 69 today and for his present, do gave mike krzyzewski a last-second victory, though the finish was are trying to push bridget judy is losing streak and durham to 17 games are at the cavaliers on a 9-0 run. a sweet dish to isaiah wilkins. the leads willing to nine for
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that comes brandon ingram, the three and then next possession, over the top for the jan. jones, certainly enjoying the show. duke down my three at the break. second half, ingram, another three. he finishes with 25 points. do great takes the lead. now they are in full civil. matt jones, he had 43 spirit a 10-0 run. do goes cold. here comes the cavaliers, with 11 seconds to play. malcolm brandon, the sick reverse puts uva but up by one. duke as well as shot. grayson allen gets to the lane, throws it up at the way, but instead, it is a four-game win streak for the blue devils. >> i really wanted to make a
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once i made the shot, i was just kind of releasing all of my excitement and i yelled and i felt -- [indiscernible] a moment like that is something that you dream of. you don't 100 times over when you are a little kid. it is a real for me. >> the basketball gods were good because that kid is such a good player. he got into the end zone. >> they may not win, but n.c. state when they take the court, you can count anthony barber to throughout the score sheet. averages close to 35 points per game, per contest. today, setting a new career high against wake forest at the pnc, barber is slow at the gate. only eight point in the first half. but he had his teammates picking them up like cody martin.
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to go along with seven rebounds and n.c. state led by two points at the half. the second half, barber getting heated up going coast to coast here. plus, the foul. off of the window. and then, cap with a little shaken bake as he gets into the lane and again. 30 points in the second half, barbara mrs. here, but a follow jim. 81-79. barber gets the team going on the stretch. 38 to finish the game. 99-88. most points in an acc game since 1992. >> [indiscernible] i flick every game we play now is a must win. we did it today.
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>> a streak of losing. we thought every game is the next game that we have to have. i think this can hopefully get the ball rolling a little bit. >> the hurricanes feet off of the emotion of having the
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